Response to Editorial in Roanoke Times

IN RESPONSE to the excellent May 14 commentary by Aaron D. Schroeder and Gary L. Wamsley, “The political roots of hating government”:
It was a thoughtful, perceptive dialogue attempting to discourage us all from blaming, finger-pointing and judging. It is simpler, particularly when faced with absorbing the horror of the Oklahoma City bombing, to focus all of our anger and frustration on an individual or group such as the Michigan Militia.
Doing deep soul-searching and asking the hard questions suggested in the commentary will be more painful, but also more productive. It will help us focus on possible solutions instead of increasing our fear and hate with inflammatory words and actions. If we, as a nation, can talk to and really listen to one another, perhaps the Oklahoma City tragedy will have served some positive purpose. It will be a double tragedy if we use it only to divide and separate ourselves from one another, thereby raising higher the walls of fear, hate and intolerance already so sadly evident in this country.