Create a connection file to include in all of your database code (saves some time)

  • description: basic connection to and query of the PostgreSQL database, use this as a source file R source code files.
  • created: 9/19/2014
  • author: Aaron D. Schroeder

Create database driver

library(RPostgreSQL) # load the database connection library

drv <- dbDriver("PostgreSQL") # create instance of database driver

Close all existing connections

all_cons <- dbListConnections(drv)
for(con in all_cons)

Using the driver instance, create a new connection to the database and set the dbname, user and password variables

con <- dbConnect(drv, dbname="sampleDb", host="localhost", port=5432
    , user="aaron", password="aaron")

View for all tables in the connected database

connect to database


dbname <- dbGetQuery(con, "SELECT table_catalog FROM information_schema.tables LIMIT 1")

build query

sql = paste("SELECT table_schema, table_name
             FROM information_schema.tables
             WHERE table_catalog = '", dbname, "'
             AND table_schema NOT IN ('pg_catalog', 'files', 'information_schema')
             ORDER BY table_schema, table_name", sep="")

run query

dbTables <- dbGetQuery(con, sql)

display query results


View all columns in a given table

connect to database


set schema and table variables

schemaName = "sample_schema"
tableName = "sample_table"

build query

sql = paste("SELECT column_name, data_type
             FROM information_schema.columns
             WHERE table_schema = '",schemaName,"'
             AND table_name = '",tableName,"'", sep="")

run query

tableColumns <- dbGetQuery(con, sql)

display query results


A simple query

connect to database (set database in pg_connect.R, see above)


build and run query

myTable <- dbGetQuery(con, "SELECT  id, item, description
                            FROM sample_schema.sample_table")

display query results