1. Update OS to latest version (Optional)

2. Install Package Managers: Homebrew and Homebrew-Cask

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

3. Install the following

brew install Caskroom/cask/osxfuse
brew install homebrew/fuse/sshfs
brew install ssh-copy-id
brew install coreutils
brew install findutils --with-default-names
brew install gnu-sed --with-default-names
brew install gnu-tar --with-default-names
brew install gnu-which --with-default-names
brew install gnutls ---with-default-names
brew install homebrew/dupes/grep
brew install binutils
brew install homebrew/dupes/diffutils
brew install homebrew/dupes/gzip
brew install git
brew install autossh
brew install wget
brew install Caskroom/cask/iterm2
brew install Caskroom/cask/google-chrome
brew install Caskroom/cask/google-drive
brew install homebrew/science/r
brew install Caskroom/cask/rstudio

4. Clone sdal_configs repository to local machine and run setup.sh

mkdir -p ~/git
cd ~/git
git clone https://github.com/dads2busy/sdal_configs.git
cd sdal_configs
bash setup.sh

5. Restart Terminal to Load New Configs!

6. Create SSH Key

hit return 3x - DO NOT set a password on the key

ssh-keygen -t rsa

7. Copy Public Key to Servers (need user’s password)

ssh-copy-id lightfoot

ssh-copy-id sdal_pg

ssh-copy-id sdal_r

ssh-copy-id sdal_py

ssh-copy-id sdal_an

8. Test ssh to sdal servers. Should require no password.

ssh sdal_r

9. Test RStudio Connection (should establish tunnel and open RStudio webpage)


10. Test Jupyter/Python Notebook Connection (should establish tunnel and open Jupyterhub webpage)


11. Test PostgreSQL Connection (should establish tunnel and open Adminer [web-based db mgt] webpage)


12. Test remote mounting

rmount sdal_r

13. Test remote unmounting

rumount sdal_r

13. Go to Finder/Preferences and put a checkmark in the box for Connected Servers so that they show up on the desktop